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  • Hetzwebz Portfolio - Web designer in Matlock

A clean, photo-focussed look.

This design aims to capture the eye with large pictures and a clean simple layout. The light colour scheme, chosen by my client, makes the page seem open and allows the text and images to be easily taken in.

Features include:

  • A large cover photo, with text.
  •  Photo links for easy navigation to the website’s key pages.
  •  An interactive, embedded Google Maps widget, centred on the business’ location.
  •  Menu bar with social media icons.
  •  Slide shows used to display large images and collages of smaller images.

Contact me for more information about this design.


Art and colour! 

This website’s theme colours coordinate with the palate of warm shades used in their cover art. Like I did for this client, I can source digital artwork and logo design to compliment your ideal online image.*

Features include:

  • Cover art and logo design by Jo Watson 
  • Visual links to sites such as TripAdvisor- to show off your reputation!
  • Embedded links to increase traffic and visibility
  • Live Twitter, news, or weather feeds.

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*Extra charges apply for artwork


A panoramic layout.

This layout is ideal for placing emphasis on high quality photos.

  •  The home page cover photos are displayed in a large slideshow, immediately delivering your finest images to the viewer.
  • All of our websites have professional encrypted contact forms, which send enquiries straight to your inbox.
  •  Our slideshow and hero image technologies allow text to be placed on top of images, which is ideal for photo links.

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An artistic appearance.

For a crisp and artistic appearance I can colour match your website’s theme to your logo. As exampled in this design, you can see the icons, social media buttons, header, font and even maps flow together in the same colour scheme.

  •  The font in this design contributes to it’s artistic appearance. With hundreds of fonts available, this tiny detail can give your design a flair of art, friendship, or professionalism.
  •  This clean layout is especially effective on mobile devices.
  •  The colour scheme of all features on the Google Maps widget can be personalised, including the labels, geometry and background.

Contact me for more information about this design.

For your information:

  •  All websites have mobile/tablet versions.
  •  I have exampled different features in each design, but all my clients have access to any and as many as they like.
  •  I can offer features not mentioned in my portfolio, just send me an enquiry with your specific needs.
  •  These designs are just for inspiration, your design is specifically tailored to your tastes.