Hetzwebz manages websites of businesses all over the UK,

while located at the Independent Hostels UK office in Matlock Bath.

Keeping in contact via email and phone, I assist my clients with their requests from the misty heights of Masson Hill in our Peak District office.

Starting in September 2020, my work will be also based in Manchester, where I will be studying at the University of Manchester.

Connection with the IHUK network.

Working in connection with Independent Hostels UK, my website design service is used by small, independent holiday accommodations all over the UK.

Originally ran by Sam and Alice at IHUK, Hetzwebz specialises in websites for holiday accommodation. Since its separation from IHUK, Hetzwebz can take on designing and maintenance of any business' website.

Meet me!

My name is Hetty Oldfield and I work as a sole trader under the business name Hetzwebz. I work directly with my clients, providing one on one service and forming successful work relationships as I am only an email away.

I get great satisfaction from creating and maintaining my client's ideal online image, and I am dedicated to providing high quality service for as long as my client requires it.

My work schedule is part time but prioritised; you can always contact me by email.